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El flaco y el gordo (c.1959), Virgilio Piñera

English title: Thin Man Fat Man
Date written: c. 1959
Keywords: morality > justice-revenge, morality > vice-virtue, violence > social, identity > class/social standing, identity > hierarchy, power > inter-personal/game play, power > use and abuse, morality > greed

Thin Man, Fat Man is a sinister and grotesque exploration of greed and exploitation. Two Laurel and Hardyesque men sit in hospital; one is rich, controlling, powerful and fat while the other is poor, thin, hungry and powerless. As the fat man exploits the thin man’s misery, he is blithely unaware of the monstrous power of the thin man’s hunger.

‘Hunger is insolvent, and it will be fed’ Homer.’

By Kate Eaton

  • Piñera, Virgilio. 2002. Teatro completo, ed. Rine Leal. La Habana, Cuba, Letras Cubanas

Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 18 June 2012.

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