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El flaco y el gordo (c.1959), Virgilio Piñera


This is a One-Act play with two scenes.


The play is set in a hospital.  The Thin Man and the Fat Man are dressed in pyjamas.  At the beginning of the play, Thin Man’s right leg is in plaster.  Fat man’s pyjamas are flowered silk.

There are two beds, complete with bedclothes (sheets and pillows) two chairs and a table.  The hospital orderly carries a pencil behind his ear and a piece of paper in his hand.  The orderly dresses the table with a tablecloth, followed by a napkin, cutlery, a saltcellar, a cruet stand with oil and vinegar, a beer, a glass and toothpicks. Various foods are served during the play: a chicken casserole, rice, a dish of fritters, avocado salad, crème caramel and a small basket of bread.  Other props include a wallet with pesos bank notes, the bones of a human skeleton and bandages for the Fat Man’s arm.

Cast information
The Orderly could be played by a man or a woman.






Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 18 June 2012.

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